Welcome and let us share our story about Natural Beauty Textile. My name is Yolanda Dajwa and I am the founder of Natural Beauty Textile. After getting my master degree of fashion design in the university of Leeds UK, I started my career as a fashion designer in Shanghai. Working in several buying offices and design consulting companies, I was so excited to work for Zara, Gap, H&M and had chances to cooperate with world-wide fantastic fashion and textile designers in different projects. My role in the industry always pushes me to chase the fashion trends and works out the seasonal collections on time, immersing myself in the endless supplier meetings, solving all the unpredictable problems. After working in such stressful workload and fast-paced lifestyle about 7 years, I made my decision to move to Australia one day.

Australia’s laid-back lifestyle gives me more time to explore my inner peace and has great opportunities to brace nature. The idea of creating a brand with effortless styles comes to my mind during that period. One year later, my friend Sophia Chen in Hangzhou China, who owns a factory with 2 thousands workers working for Zara and Massimo Dutti joined with me. We built our own sample room only serving for Natural Beauty Textile and that is the place we create our lovely designs and make our crafted samples.

We abandon all the superficial appearance in our designs while focusing on techniques and patterns. We select premium plant-based fabrics and materials to make our product so breathing and comfortable.

--Be nature,
--Be you.

We hope we can transmit our sustainable life attitude to our beloved customers who would be proud of our products. We are always put our customers' satisfactory on the priority place.