Natural Beauty Textile is a sustainable home-décor brand focusing on loungewear and homewares. We aim to create an organic, zero-stressed environment. All the materials we use are plant-based, gifted by nature. We believe the powerful energy of nature to transmit positive and healing vibes.


Opposite to the fast fashion industry, we offer our customers a new concept of slow fashion, of who enjoy living a peaceful, Zen lifestyle. We encourage people to release their stress from the modern busy life by means of immersing themselves in nature. It is OK to take your own flows and be yourself; it is OK to be imperfection whenever on the way to explore your own inner peace; it is OK to take off your high-heeled shoes without make-up to meet your own natural beauty. Only being you in a comfortable state can reach the most blissful and balanced life.


In Natural Beauty Textile, rather than chasing fast fashion and never ending cutting-edged trends, NBT people have their own preferred styles and attitude in a relatively still way. They are mature and independent to keep their own unique styling by their own way. Rather than focusing on buzzworthy and fancy appearance, NBT people enjoy the high quality and details of timeless pieces. Fashion is changing all the time, which makes people nuts for it tirelessly while those who have their own styling will always be the pioneers to lead their own styles instead of being followers. Natural Beauty Textile guides people to look clothing as timeless styling in a chilled and mature attitude rather than heading to the fast fashion vortex.


Simple and timeless designs never mean being dull and outdated. On the contrary, we spend several-folded time and effort to practice, sampling until reach the fine look. Getting rid of the complicated and fancy appliques and accessories apparently, we are back to the origin of costume – we make our focus on fabric, silhouettes, seaming and techniques. Based on that, NBT selects all our plant-based fabric to maximally make skin breathing and itchy-friendly. Additional, all of our accessories are with natural materials as well. We love the natural gloss of shell buttons, and we make our packages zero-plastic.


We have our own professional in-house designers to make each of our design with perfect fitting. We build our own sample room in Hangzhou China in Oct. 2020 in order to fully control the quality with no barrier communication from design concept to the final products. Thanks to our in-house designers and home-based sample room, we could carry out NBT quality-guaranteed products to our customers in the whole manufacturing process.


As a sustainable brand, we call for zero-waste attitude. We put the sustainability in our mind at the first place rather than making massive quantities to reduce the products’ unit cost. Except for some most popular styles, we do our business made-to-order mostly, which prolonging the process from your click to the receiving time. However, we are sure you will love and enjoy that slow fashion mode from the premium quality of piece-by-piece process once you experience it! We do customized size and designs and keep close contact with our clients in that process. You do not need to worry about the proportions and your unique size requirements anymore. Our people will give you professional advice about it. Apart from that, you are more than welcome to share your little crazy ideas to add on, making your loungewear your way. Our in-house designers will always support your creativity! Let us be your loungewear creator and record your happy moments.

--Be Nature,


--Be You.


We encourage you to slow down your pace; take off your make-up; find the truth about yourself. It is the essence of you that can achieve the inner bliss.


Welcome to the life journey to find yourself, love your beloved and illuminate the world.