Why You Should Skip the Chemicals and Go for All Natural?

As the world stepped into the 21st century, its climate has been crippled by industrial pollution. Considering this alarming threat, many movements have started in the world against industrialization to stop climate change.

The fashion industry also contributes majorly to environmental pollution and climate change. The notorious fast fashion uses low-quality materials to produce cheap apparel. The harmful chemicals used in the production of these materials cause long-term damages to the environment.

Today, people have gotten aware of the benefits of organic clothing and sustainable fashion. Many organic brands are competing with one another and new ones are birthed almost every day, however despite this, fast fashion is still increasing at an alarming rate.

Skip the Chemicals is a non-profit union of the organic brand, although are competing, has decided to come together to support the organic and sustainable fashion that is not only beneficial but also necessary for the planet. This is the first time in history that the giants of the organic industry have decided to cast aside their differences and competition to support a common goal.

Following are some of the reasons why you should skip the chemicals and go for all-natural:

Conventional Flax Cultivation—Word’s Dirtiest Crop

The rapid increase in demand for cheaper apparel has given birth to fast fashion that is producing millions of new clothing articles every week. The major problem is that the manufacturing of this apparel is done mostly through conventional linen, which is the dirtiest crop in the world.

You might be thinking why it’s dirty. Well, conventional linen production involves the heaviest use of insecticides and pesticides that are harmful to both humans and wildlife. Although some countries have banned it, it is still being used in over 25 countries. The apparel made from this chemical-treated linen might be harmful to sensitive skin. Skin is one of the most important organs of the body and should be treated with care.

Organic Linen — Chemical Free, Cost-Effective

We admit that linen made from conventional production of flax plant is much cheaper as compared to organic linen but does cheap really mean it will save your money. Fast fashion has created the trend of buying clothes almost every week, and as these clothes are just poor replicas made with low-quality materials, they soon become unwearable and worn out.

On the other hand, apparel made from organic linen is both cost-effective and long-lasting. Since the product is made from pure linen that is completely chemical-free, the clothing tends to sustain for months to come and hence saves more money than you might expect. Your NBT organic linen loungewear can last for –decades.

Why You Should Skip the Chemicals and Go for All Natural?

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Lasting Softness of Chemical Free Clothing

Chemical-treated conventional linen clothes usually lose their softness after a few washes. The reason is that the tendency of linen to hold that softness is ruined by chemicals and as a result after a short period of few weeks, the apparel would turn scratchy that will reduce the comfort of the apparel.

Everyone knows how skin feels against soft linen. The comfort brought by soft linen in apparel can’t be exchanged for anything. That is the reason that you should always go for organic linen apparel because they will retain their softness for a much longer time and even after a considerable number of washes won’t get scratchy.

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Why You Should Skip the Chemicals and Go for All Natural?
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Support Safe Farming 

The heavy use of chemicals in the production of conventional linen doesn’t only harm the earth but also the farmers working on it. These chemicals are harmful to humans and can cause severe illness in farmers that can lead to their death. Moreover, these chemicals are also harmful to the animals and can cause illness or loss of livestock animals.

On the other hand, organic flax plant doesn’t require the use of chemicals for its production. It is completely safe and so are the farmers who grow it. Hence, by purchasing organic linen apparel you can support safe farming ethics. You may save the lives of many farmers who are pushed into conventional farming because of the ever-increasing demand for fast fashion.

Choose Organic—Save the Planet

Choosing chemical-free clothing will contribute to both stopping climate change and saving the planet. People are beginning to realize the worth of organic products whether it be food or apparel. Organic products are always produced without causing any harm to the environment. On the other hand, synthetic and conventional production uses harsh chemicals that not only cause pollution in the environment but also contribute to climate change. So, by choosing to buy chemical-free organic linen you can support the sustainable fashion movement that is out to save the planet.

That is NBT’s mission. Supporting sustainability, enjoying organic lifestyle. We are together! ❤️️