Why Moms are Choosing Organic for their Families? 

With the population of the world increasing rapidly, the fashion industry has shifted to conventional cotton for manufacturing. This cotton is produced through the chemical treatment of plants and they consume a large amount of water. However, the production is great and cheap and hence results in cheaper products.

We all know that moms always want the best things for their kids. Whether it be food, toys, education, or clothing, they will never settle for less than the best. Since the awareness of sustainable fashion and harms of conventional cotton spread, moms tend to choose organic cotton for their families, especially children.

Following are the reasons due to which moms choose organic cotton instead of conventional one:

It’s Chemical Free

Conventional cotton production involves the use of chemicals that may cause harm when exposed to sensitive skin. Children have the most sensitive skin of all. No mom would ever want her children to wear such clothes that could harm their sensitive skin. Hence, moms are choosing organic cotton that is prepared in natural ways without the use of any chemicals and is harmless to a child’s sensitive skin.

It’s Soft and Velvetlike 

Babies are needed to be wrapped in the softest materials so that they remain comfortable. Products made from conventional cotton might be scratchy that can cause harm to the baby’s skin. Skin is the largest and the most important organ in the human body. Any early-stage harm to it might cause long-term effects. Hence, moms tend to choose organic cotton for their children.

It Lasts Longer

Although conventional cotton is cheaper and sold widely all across the world, it tends to be worn out sooner than expected. You might have to buy a new one every few weeks or every month. On the other hand, organic cotton products last much longer. Since moms make a budget in homes and tend to manage all the expenditures, they choose to buy long-lasting organic cotton products.

It’s Not as Expensive as You Might Think

Yes, many brands that promote and use organic cotton indeed have skyrocketing prices, but due to spreading sustainable fashion movements, many affordable organic brands have also risen. These brands offer authentic organic cotton products at affordable prices. So, why would moms choose conventional cotton when organic is affordable.

Washing Doesn’t Ruin It

As compared to conventional cotton apparel, organic cotton is much more cost-effective. Conventional cotton, even if is soft when bought, loses that softness over time and becomes scratchy.

However, the pure organic cotton apparel remains soft even after a considerable number of washes. This feature makes them mom’s choice as every mom would want to save money on anything she could.

It’s Produced in an Eco-Friendly Way

Conventional cotton production and farming cause harm to the environment. It requires wide-scale chemical usage on crops and consumes a large amount of water from the earth. Conventional cotton is one of the world’s thirstiest crops.

However, on the other hand, organic cotton is prepared in completely natural ways and the water consumption is also considerably less. Hence, by choosing organic cotton, moms show that they are caring for the planet.

It Supports Sustainable Fashion Movement

Fast fashion has contributed a great proportion to climate change. Due to the large demand for cheaper clothes, industries have used the cheapest methods with low-quality materials that cause enormous industrial waste and environmental pollution. Moms choosing organic cotton also shows that they are one with the sustainable fashion movements.

Mothers want the future of their children to be safe and healthy, and that requires a greener planet. Moms of the modern world understand that. As they control the purchasing power in their families, them buying organic apparel will considerably contribute to sustainable fashion movements.

Ethical Production and Safer Farming

The increase in demand for apparel has risen greed in many industrialists who have turned to cheaper but harmful and unethical means of production. The widely used chemicals in conventional cotton production have caused permanent health damage to many farmers. Moreover, their production notoriously uses unethical child labor.

By choosing to buy organic clothing, moms show that they abhor these unethical methods of production and require their brands to maintain ethical standards. Moreover, in this way moms are able to support the hardworking farmers who are producing organic cotton.


Moms always choose what is best for their children. Although many families were against organic cotton at first because they thought it was expensive, now they have started using it and are completely satisfied with it. Even though it is not as cheap as conventional cotton apparel, but it is cost-effective and long-lasting.

A wise budget maker in the house, that is obviously a mom, would certainly choose organic apparel over conventional cotton one because it will remain soft and last longer. Moreover, it also supports sustainable fashion movements and shows that you care for the environment. Purchasing Organic Cotton will decrease demand and production of conventional cotton which in turn will save the planet.