How to Help the Fashion Industry Go Green? Some Suggestions

Climate change is seen as a global problem that seeks the attention of every country in the world. World leaders and public figures have started to give it the importance that it deserves. Perhaps it’s not too late yet.

Just like other industries that cause pollution in the environment and contribute to climate change, the fashion industry has also wreaked havoc on the climate of the world. The fashion industry is one of the most unethical industries around the world that has caused a majority percentage of climate change.

The transport vehicles and traffic industry aren’t the only ones contributing to the climate change crisis. The green fashion industry is one of the major waste-producing industries of the world that is worth trillions of dollars, and yet many of the masses including most climate change campaigners choose to look the other way when the question of using eco0friedly apparel is raised.

According to research, the fashion industry of the world causes more than 8 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. However, many still turn a blind eye to this industry even when campaigning for a greener world.

The Fast Fashion—Are Cheap Clothes worth it? 

Fast fashion is basically the rapid production of clothes that replicates popular brands using low-quality materials. Since many people have become accustomed to changing apparel almost every week, they only care about the looks, not the material or the quality, especially not what the production of these cheap low-quality material clothes cost to the climate.

The fast fashion industry is notorious for using child labor in third-world countries for their products and creating more industry waste than the environment can handle. They are producing millions of new clothing articles every week, which causes more pollution than other major climate change factors.

I mean who doesn’t like wearing cheap new clothes every week. But if the cost is contributing to the destruction of your environment bit by bit every day, it deserves to be thought about.

The majority of the world’s middle class is buying fast fashion apparel every week that is boosting the production of fast fashion industries. This aspect has raised the clothing industry to the status of the third major manufacturing green fashion industry in the world.



Sustainable Fashion--- Climate Change Movement

The sustainability in fashion industry have forced many brands to rethink their production strategy and use eco-friendly alternatives. Many apparel industries have already started a new genre in their fashion brands that help the planet become less polluted.

Brands are recycling older material to reduce industrial waste and using organic fibers and cotton for making green clothing. Many brands have also started introducing eco-friendly apparel that is made from recycled material.

Moreover, to reduce plastic, brands have also started using shopping bags made from degradable organic material. Some of the innovative brands have started using seed bags, that when torn and buried in soil sprout a seedling. Helping the planet become greener.

The sustainability in fashion industry considered a socially fair movement that is necessary in the modern world. If we can stop any factor that harms our environment, why shouldn’t we? Leaving the world better than you found it to be is a much better gift to future generations than any other thing.

Celebrities Promoting Eco-Friendly Apparel

Fans both idealize and idolize the celebrities they follow and try to imitate their every action, which includes buying similar clothes and accessories to them. This gives celebrities an opportunity to lead by example and promote sustainable fashion to battle climate change.

One of the youngest award-winning actresses, Emma Watson is considered a top advocate of sustainable fashion in Hollywood. Since 2015, she has worn sustainable fashion clothes in all of her red carpet appearances, to promote eco-friendly apparel.

Who Controls Fashion?

The success or failure of every industry is decided by its sales. If people aren’t buying the products that are made in an environment-threatening way and will cause more harm to the climate, the brands will be forced to use greener alternatives. So, the power resides in hands of people and they can control the fashion industry.

You might think that not taking it from the stores will also make it go to waste, hence causing pollution. No, that is not the case. Purchasing increases profits of the industry that enables them to increase production, hence, producing more industrial waste.

The modern world is equipped with one of the best weapons of all, the internet. People can know in an instant which fashion industry is using which means for production of its apparel. The decision then resides with the people whether to buy from the brand or not.

There are several myth busters, influencers, social media activists who have gained popularity and trust of people over time and like to reveal the truth to them. These people investigate on their own and provide you with authentic information on the internet through verified accounts.